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Not truly alive, yet not dead, I drift through this cursed existence like a corpse without a grave. My wanderings have taken me to many lands, all throughout Europe and even the desolate shores of the New World. During my time in Stockholm, it became like a home to me. However, peace is found primarily in the solitude of the forest and the purity of the night sky. To rest in a cold cemetery, gazing at the moon, is far more appealing than any social setting. Many aspects of the modern world are displeasing, and the same can be said of most humans. Anticipation builds as the funeral draws ever nearer...

I earned my B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany, graduating magna cum laude with a 3.8 GPA. My major field of study was European history, primarily focusing on the early medieval period. My minor was in journalism. I was on the dean's list, every semester, and was inducted into several honour societies. I do not smoke, drink or use drugs nor am I fond of interacting with those whose lives completely revolve around such things. I do welcome intelligent correspondence, rare as it may be.

I am a Black Metal vocalist. Bands include Nattsvargr,  Nocturnal Abyss, Blackmoon and Bloodfrost. I have occasionally played guitar, bass and drums, with mixed results.
As well, I am a Metal DJ, hosting "The Abyss" since late 2001. The program's most prominent concentration is on Black Metal, with healthy doses of Speed, Thrash, Doom and old school Death Metal, as well as NWOBHM and Traditional Heavy Metal.

"My flesh yearns...
for the tombworld."


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