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To Follow the Freezing Moon
by Noctir (Feb. 2006)

There are many paths in this world that one may follow. Unfortunately, the majority choose to follow the simple way; the way of less resistance; and, often, the way which requires no thought, no spiritual growth. This is not entirely bad, since it enables the rest of us to easily distinguish these sheep from those we may wish to interact with. The masses will survive for no other purpose than to survive. They will follow the paved road to their grave, never straying very far from the beaten path to discover the wonders of the world. They leave nothing behind, and no songs will tell of their adventures, for there are none. In their hope for a comfortable life, they fail to seek knowledge; to explore different things; and in the end, they will have achieved nothing. They have dishonoured the blood and the soil of their homeland. The continued mixing with lesser peoples also provides a great threat, and is a major source for the state of the world.

The ancient ways are too often forgotten. Such is one result of the rise of Christianity. It offers an easy approach to life. Accept the fictitious saviour, Jesus Christ, into your heart and all will be well. This kind of nonsense appeals to many. It makes things easier and provides a clear path to follow, where one will not encounter so many roots and rocks to trip and stumble. No rivers will have to be crossed. No invention will come about from such struggles, for the clear path of ignorance is designed for the dumbing-down of humanity. This is fine for the Asians, but Christianity is not for the Europeans or their descendants. The deeds and paths of our forefathers need not be forgotten. The mockery and scorn of the sheep and cattle as we leave their path and wander into wild, strange lands need not be heeded. It is a lonely journey to undertake, but will be the most fulfilling of all. The fear of the masses is a major factor contributing to their spiritual downfall. When one does not fear the unknown, but rather, is drawn to it; the mysteries of the ancient world shall be revealed. Only by wandering far from the paved roads and skyscrapers can we find the truth; deep within the forests, beyond streams, mountains, moss-covered rocks, looking up through the trees to behold the moon and to travel in its pale light through the darkness of that which others fear so much; to make a life of one's own, instead of accepting the banal, mediocre existence that is expected of them.

In today's world, there is no meaning. Things that should hold great significance are forgotten in mere moments. People cower in fear before the trials and tribulations of life. They fail to realize that without such hardships, it will be difficult for them to achieve any sort of character. As the ancient Greeks said, wisdom comes through suffering. The idea is to laugh in the face of despair and to raise your sword high overhead and charge into battle; to meet the challenge head on. Instead, the masses wish to coast through life, not really living, and to meet their end as quietly and peacefully as possible. I find that it would be better to die at a young age and to have done something, rather than to merely survive for as long as possible. But this is another result of Christian thinking. To value life for life's sake. For the followers of this Jewish cult, all life is special. At least, in theory. In practice, these hypocrites spread a far different message. Pagan (i.e. pre-Christian) philosophy is to only let the strong, healthy, and beautiful survive. But in a world infected by Christian morals, we are to preserve life at all costs. I see commercials on television begging for people to send money to starving children in Africa. I ask why. Why should every useless life be preserved? Do they honestly think that these children will amount to anything? The weak, sick, and genetically defective children should not be allowed to survive and to reproduce. Their offspring will only lead to an even more impure creation. The point is to weed out the feeble and the weak to breed stronger, more intelligent, more beautiful, healthier children. Such is the way of nature. The strong (or crafty) survive, while the weak perish. Since we, as humans, have no natural predators there is no sure way to make this so. This is probably one reason for the introduction of diseases. Since no other animals will weed out and devour the weak among us, nature has invented microscopic predators that kill from within. Yet, even when someone is deathly ill, all attempts are made to save their life. The masses would rather exist for ever in a wheelchair and hardly the ability to even move, rather than to die. I say, give me death.

Too often, people are interested only in partying and living meaningless lives. Working to live, living to work and spending the weekends in a drug-induced state. The culture (or lack thereof) in the U.S. is sickening. It is often difficult, on this lonely path, to find others who have a better understanding of life. Those who are also on their own tireless journey to seek something beyond. There are many who simply live to get drunk, fornicate with as many people as they can (and in the process, spread disease), get high, and to follow the rest of the cattle to their doom. They ignore the call of the blood. The European spirit is indomitable, but it must be awakened first. If only people would embrace the thousands of years of wisdom that is carried in the blood (the European blood; the lesser races may degenerate into nothing for all I care). I may walk alone, but I will remain content to stray from the beaten path and to wander deep within the ancient forests, following the freezing moon.

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