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On the Abominable Overpopulation of Mankind
by Noctir (Dec. 2010)

The current world population is far beyond anything that the human race could ever possibly hope to manage. It is wreaking havoc on the balance of nature, destroying forests, having detrimental effects on the climate, sending countless animal species down the path of extinction and making life more miserable for most of our own kind as well. There are a number of potential solutions, but time is not working in our favour.

At the moment, the human population is rapidly approaching 6.9 billion. For many, the sheer size of this number is difficult to even comprehend. To put this in a better context, one should look to the past. In prehistoric times, it is estimated that the mankind only increased by a couple million, every thousand years or so. Around year 1 of the common era, there were roughly 300 million people alive, by most estimates. One thousand years later, that number increased to around 310 million. That puts it above the previous averages, yet still within an easily maintained level. However, with the passage of yet another thousand years, the human population jumped beyond six billion. Within half a century, a few more billion will be arriving. How this can be viewed as anything other than pure madness, I do not know. Our species has truly gone beyond the point of no return.

The causes are many, including the transition from a nomadic to a sedentary lifestyle, agriculture and, most importantly, the industrial revolution. Thanks to mass production, medical and technological advancements and higher standards of living, the average lifespan increased, as did the number of offspring produced. Simply put, less people were dying and more were being born, which has resulted in the horrific parasitic human plague that is currently suffocating the earth and making existence miserable for all living things.

Nature is the main victim. Roughly forty percent of the earth's land is used for agriculture, just to feed our kind. Humans also need room to live, work and create more useless garbage. For these reasons, among others, forests are cleared out and the natural habitat of countless creatures is destroyed. Animal species are going extinct at an alarming rate. With all of the fossil fuels being burned, the high levels of pollution are affecting the climate, which is changing in an unnatural way. Feeble-minded Christians say that the earth was put here for humans, and that it is our right to dominate it and multiply as much as possible. It is foolish thinking like this that has contributed to the current state of affairs. Possibly the worst thing, however, is that the world is run by capitalists. More so than at any other point in our history, the entire purpose of civilization seems to revolve around money. Despite the horrible effects on nature and humanity itself, the corporate powers will maintain things as they are, as long as they can continue making a profit. Similarly, they need as many living people as possible, because each life is another potential customer. This was recognized when concerns of overpopulation were first voiced, in the 19th century, and it was mercantilism that stressed that larger populations meant larger markets. In the process of maintaining the giant shopping mall that this world has turned into, and all of the brainless consumers that populate it, the earth is becoming a darker place.

The sad truth is that most people do not care about things unless they are directly affected. So to continue speaking of the environmental concerns or the dying animal species would only resonate with a very small percentage. What humans care about most is their own quality of life. The fact of the matter is that the standard of living is getting lower for average people and this will only continue in the decades to come. While the earth itself is not in real danger, its habitability will become less stable, as things progress. This has led a lot of people to consider the option of colonizing space. Rather than clean up after itself, humanity would prefer to give up and leave. The truth is that there is another solution.

The current system must collapse and be replaced by a new one. The human race is beyond salvation, as it currently exists. The answer lies in sacrifice. Death is the only solution. Mass murder on a scale previously unknown in the entire history of human civilization is what is needed. Before mankind can rise, it must first crash and burn to a state of near-extinction. No one wants to hear this, of course. The truth hurts. For all those who act as if they are so concerned with the fate of the planet or the future of our species, they should look deep within themselves and understand that sometimes a great sacrifice must be made. Abandon all ridiculous notions of the importance of every human life as well as the religious nonsense that has helped to propagate this falsehood.

The concept that all life is sacred and precious, also known as the sanctity of life, is a weak and pathetic Christian idea. Naturally, they only apply this to themselves, not animals or even other people, if it conflicts with their goals. Human life is only sacred when it benefits them. To support this, it is important to bring up the fact that suicide was condoned in the early Christian era, with certain sects jumping off of cliffs in large numbers, wishing to hasten the afterlife and to seek the rewards that their false mythology had promised them. With dwindling numbers and shrinking collection plates, the Catholic church decided that suicide was a punishable sin. This was also around the same time that they began sending missionaries to convert those outside of the Roman world. Just as the capitalists need a large population in order to bleed them dry, Christians need a large flock of sheep to help them perpetuate the Great Lie.

It is time for people to grow up and abandon childish ideas such as religion or hope. The survival of our species depends on whether or not we can embrace the reality of our situation and to find practical solutions. Mass killings may not be the popular method, but it is absolutely necessary. Civilization is already going to collapse. It is not a matter of if, but rather when it will happen. However, what we can do is ensure sort of a “controlled demolition”, in order to make it as painless as possible. Instead of the whole of humanity being engulfed in chaos, we can be cold and calculating and ensure that mankind is able to rise and to transcend the mediocrity that is has long wallowed in.

While I am not attempting to write a comprehensive treatment on the subject, a few suggestions are offered for the consideration of those who would undertake such an endeavour.

- The advanced nations of the world should take the lead in instituting massive depopulation programs. In theory, all citizens would submit to a series of genetic and intelligence-based tests which would determine whether or not they are fit to remain alive. In ancient Greece, and even within the Germanic tribes of northern Europe, it was common practice to inspect children at birth and to discard the defective ones. Thanks to the pathetic Judeo-Christian system of values, we are encouraged to accept all forms of weakness and frailty within our ranks. Allowing defective individuals to live not only subjects them to unnecessary misery, but it also enables them to corrupt the gene pool with their inferior DNA. As for intelligence testing, all people of below-average intelligence would be eliminated. We have long seen the effects of allowing mediocrity to flourish. Ideally, if someone possessed above-average intelligence, but poor genetics, they would be sterilized but allowed to live. Of course, there should be a broad range of examinations that one would have to pass before being deemed worthy of survival. I would not recommend even wasting the time to assess the condition of most criminals, as it would be easier to just flush them.

- Of course, the rest of the world would provide greater difficulty. Areas such as the middle east, Africa, Latin America and southeast Asia possess the world's lowest IQs and highest growing populations. The average IQ in most African nations, for example, is below 70. That officially deems them mentally retarded. How much money and other resources has been pumped into that continent to help preserve useless lives that are never going to amount to anything anyway? Why send food to the jungles when people on your own streets are starving? So they can have the energy to wage their pointless wars and kill your peace officers in the process? Even an imbecile should be able to see the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, here.

- Africa would best be dealt with by means of a weapon that could eliminate human life while leaving animals, nature and even the existing structures unharmed. Once they are gone, there will be an entire continent full of useful resources and one billion less mouths to feed.

- India, the Middle East, Latin America and southeast Asia are a little more tricky, as they are considered of average intelligence, but on the low end of the spectrum. They also represent a large part of the growing population. With the sheer number of humans in the world, there is no reason to settle for average, or those bordering on retardation. Through proper testing, it would be possible to depopulate these areas at an astounding rate.

- In the case of east Asia, the average IQ is on the higher end of the spectrum, so it is likely that less people will need to be cleansed in relation to intelligence. However, the DNA testing should clear out a decent number. In a population so huge, there must be plentiful amounts of genetic problems waiting to be discovered. Even if that is not the case, they will be able to spread out and not be so densely packed together once the surrounding areas are cleansed.

- It should be noted that this is not a call to exterminate whole races from the face of the earth. Sub-Saharan Africa would hardly be considered worth the time to administer the test, based on the data that we already possess. However, in all other regions, testing should be conducted and the strongest, most intelligent and most beautiful of each race should be preserved in order to allow the to follow a higher path, in the generations that follow.

- More than likely, much of this would have to come as a result of war. However, if the advanced nations can use reason and logic to realize that there is no other way, and to effectively implement this within their own lands, the rest of the world will fall in line by common sense or by force.

- Following the Great Cleansing, the real work could begin. From then on, the population could be planned and managed through effective eugenics and human civilization could be re-ordered in a more beneficial manner.

- People may object to the ancient practices of discarding useless children, but much of this could be avoided with science. After proving themselves to be financially capable of providing for a child, the potential parents would then undergo a series of tests to ensure the quality of their genetic material. After conception, the fetus would be monitored much as it is today. The difference would be that an abortion would be mandatory if any defects were discovered. After birth, the child would be thoroughly inspected and regularly tested until a certain age, to ensure that they are developing properly. That would inspire a bit more hard work than the hope of a gold star, surely.

Hunters are quick to justify their “sport” by talking about how they are doing their part to control the population of various wild animals, which helps them to avoid becoming too numerous and suffering famine and other problems related to overpopulation. Sadly, people are too selfish and short-sighted to apply the same logic to themselves. History can provide an example of the benefits of a smaller population. Much like in the aftermath of the Black Death, the quality of life for those left behind would be much better. Not only would animals and nature itself benefit greatly, but with only the best still alive, the human race could go on to become even stronger, more intelligent, more beautiful and capable of much more than we could have ever achieved while hindered by the dead weight of nearly seven billion pieces of gene trash. When utilized to its full potential, humanity can accomplish some pretty remarkable things. However, this is nearly impossible with the way things stand. With dwindling resources and growing populations, we are on a path toward war, famine, pestilence and death.

Death is coming, one way or another. We can all go down together, or we can cull the undesirable elements and have half a chance of building a better society, bereft of the type of gene trash that led us down the wrong path to begin with.

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