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On Heeding the Call of the Blood
by Noctir (May 2014)

The immigration systems in many European countries are completely backward. Time and again, I have seen the results of this, firsthand. "Poor refugees" from Africa and the Middle East are welcomed in with open arms, given all the help that they need and rewarded for failing to make a life in their own lands by receiving an instant life where they don't belong. On the other hand, actual citizens of these countries are treated like outsiders, in some cases, and suffer neglect at every turn. It is much the same in the United States, where immigrants are encouraged to come and start up businesses and to study for free or to receive government assistance. Meanwhile, their own people starve in the streets.

Ever since the end of WWII, it seems that governments of white/European nations have actively undermined the security and survival of their own people. They prefer to give aid to other countries before straightening their own houses, so to speak. They not only allow, but welcome, the lowliest of immigrants (rarely are the highly educated and well-mannered of each country the ones to go pouring through the gates into Europe and the US). They arrive and become a drain on the social welfare system and also end up being responsible for many crimes, such as rape. Not long ago, it was reported that one in four girls in Sweden will be raped in her lifetime, and the primary criminals are non-Swedes. Looking up crime statistics in the US shows that non-whites make up a small percentage of the population, yet a large percentage of the crimes are attributed to them. Yet our governments do nothing to protect us, rather they actively worsen the situation. In particular, European nations seem afraid to speak out against this and to do something about it, as the Nazi ghost still hangs over all of us of pale complexion. If we raise a hand to defend ourselves and our lands, we are instantly demonized. It appears that our entire race should simply cower in the corner and die quietly.

As for the United States, it is mostly a giant toilet anyway and we need not care much for whatever fate befalls these cursed shores. However, the countries of Europe should do something to put a stop to the silent invasion that is eroding it from within and, instead, accept anyone from across the ocean with European ancestry and a desire to return home. I should not have to go through tons of red tape and bureaucratic nonsense to get residency within Europe. It has been less than a century since my forebears made the mistake of traveling over the western sea. My white skin is enough of an indicator of where I belong and we should all be given the opportunity to heed the call of our blood and to return to our ancestral homelands. The 90-day limit for Schengen area countries and the need for various permits to grant someone the right to stay are all a slap in the face to anyone of European ancestry. The fact that I have to sit quietly as someone from Iran tells me that I don't have the proper paperwork to remain in Europe, while they somehow have more right to do so than I, is infuriating. Each time, I end up having to return to an alien land where I do not belong, in a holding pattern for at least three months, waiting to be "allowed" back in by people who prefer to welcome in criminals from Africa ahead of educated, civil descendants of Europe.

Each race has a right to its own homeland. Europe is ours. I, and those like me, have more right to return home than these outsiders that abuse the system and often make the cities unsafe for actual citizens that belong there. The nations of Europe need to grow a backbone and to close the doors to these outlanders and to open them up to those of us that desire to go home, having had enough of living in the wastelands beyond the sea. We should not be condemned to suffer in this wretched "melting pot" of emptiness, surrounded by brain-dead, Judeo-Christian imbeciles, loosened jungle savages and illiterate white trash. Let them have their American nightmare. We wish to heed the call of our blood and to permanently return to Europe, where we rightfully belong.

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