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On European Genocide
by Noctir (March 2015)

Many have been convinced that it is somehow racist to have concern for your race and your culture and to want to preserve these things. Europeans have created the art, literature, architecture, technology and ideals that much of the world has come to value. Whether or not others see any value in our culture, we still have the right to exist as a distinct people, just as much as anyone else does. A lot has been discussed about the birthrates of European countries being below replacement level. This in itself is not a problem. I am not one of those that advocates that every white/European couple to have as many children as possible. In general, there is an overpopulation problem and the current number of 7 billion + is far too much. So a dwindling population in Europe would not be such a bad thing. The problem arises when an alien population is allowed to infiltrate our lands and to be given the same rights as real Europeans, and when they outproduce the native inhabitants, we end up being displaced in our own homelands. The thing is not to try to keep pace with them and pump out as many children as possible, but to enforce border security and to keep them out, to take the ones that have already infested Europe and to uproot and expel them, sending them back to where they belong. Unfortunately, the governments of white/European nations are not interested in the security and well-being of their own people. Rather, they have been pursuing policies that conflict with the interests of Europeans and are leading to our downfall. The question has to be asked then, who is pulling the strings from behind the curtain? What group of people happen to be directing things in this manner, ensuring that Europeans are erased from the face of the earth? Who benefits from destroying everything that we hold dear and dispossessing us of our lands and eradicating our culture?

Most of us already know who it is that stands to benefit the most from our race embracing a defeatist outlook. One thing that makes me question my own thoughts of nihilism and atheism is the fact that so many of the best-known authors seem to be Jews. Indeed, they appear often to be at the center of this worldwide mass depression that is eating away at the soul of all ethnic Europeans. Even my attempts to study the occult in years past led me to the realization that so many of the writers were Jews, seeking to further poison the minds of Europeans and to drag them farther away from their ancestral practices. The disease known as Christianity also sprang from this corrupt Jewish seed, so it would seem that so much darkness and filth has been spawned in the Middle East... Truly, this hellish region is the source of many of the problems affecting our people, on every possible level. Even the corrupt system of capitalism is nothing more than an extension of Jewish usury, enslaving the masses of the world. The strange thing is that those who wish to see us extinct are not quiet about their intentions, and yet our leaders do nothing but allow it to continue.

"We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews."

-Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925

In order to see a grim example of their diabolical handiwork, one need look no farther than Sweden. Judeo-liberal policies have turned this once-great kingdom into the rape capital of the western world. Oftentimes, the media will try to cover up the perpetrators by mislabeling them as "Swedes". Whether or not they possess citizenship, they are not and never will be Swedes (or European at all!), nor do they want to be. Muslims make no secret about the fact that they believe that their imaginary god is granting them a wonderful victory: to take over all of Europe without firing a single shot. Throughout history, Muslims have tried to conquer Europe and yet they failed. While Spain and large parts of the Balkans were under Saracen control, they were unable to make their way deep into the heart of Europe and were eventually expelled (with the exception of Eastern Thrace). However, the current open-door policy for these "poor refugees" will enable them to complete the task begun centuries ago, within a couple more generations. This forced Third World immigration allows outlanders to bleed us dry via the welfare systems originally set up to help our own people but now just instruments for parasites to leech off of us indefinitely. Sadly, Swedes have been very successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated since birth and often are completely blind to the ongoing destruction of their homeland. As it stands now, it is very taboo to even bring the subject up, as one is not allowed to criticize other cultures (even when they have the metaphorical curved saber at your throat). Recent generations of Swedes have been brought up to be very docile and passive, even as Swedish citizens are being kicked out in the streets to provide housing for Muslims. Mind you, these are the same filth that complain or riot, with an unbelievable sense of entitlement, because they are not getting precisely the type of free ride that they feel they deserve, showing just how ungrateful these animals really are. At best, most immigrants will become wards of the state, just another collective burden for the brow-beaten Swedes to support. They are not required to learn the language or to otherwise adapt to the culture of their adopted homeland. Even after Muslim terrorist attacks, the government's primary concern was not increasing security or looking after their own people, rather they were worried about a potential rise in "Islamophobia". Political Correctness has a deadly stranglehold on this land. Despite the attacks, riots, rapes, murders and other crimes, most Swedes would rather be killed than to possibly offend anyone. Even the police have largely given up, releasing reports outlining more than fifty "no-go zones" that have basically been ceded to immigrant criminal gangs. They have further demonstrated their spinelessness by announcing that they will be focused on "cultural sensitivity" and “greater understanding of the intercultural perspective.” Meanwhile, Jew-led organizations work to separate the concept "Swedishness from being white". The once proud land of the Vikings is turning into a multicultural hell thanks to their suicidal liberalism.

Of course, this is not to single out Sweden as the worst, yet it is the country that I am most familiar with, having lived there on and off for several years. There are many reports that are just as disturbing, such as the one politician in Norway whose answer to the growing rape problem simply advised Norwegian women to "adapt the new multicultural society" around them and to try to not provoke the poor dumb animals. This is all utterly disgusting. There is no forced immigration of white/European people into African or Asian countries. They are allowed to have their homelands, yet we are not allowed to have one of our own, safe from all of the misery and crime and death and lowered standards of living that come with the filthy outlanders. There is a process of genocide being carried out against our people and no one is standing up and speaking out about it. Worst of all, due to the holohoax and all of the misplaced guilt that European nations carry as a result of WWII, one is not allowed to say or do anything about it. Yet Jews, such as Noel Ignatiev, can openly call for the destruction of the white race and even told his students on his final day as a college professor that, “if you are a white male, you don't deserve to live. You are a cancer, you're a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! At least a white woman can have sex with a black man and make a brown baby but what can a white male do? He's good for nothing. Eventually white women can breed out, but my feeling is that if you are a white male, you should kill yourself now". The Jewish position is very clear. Unfortunately, much of the world has been brainwashed into thinking that the death of the white/European race is a good thing. People cry out against the Chinese genocide of Tibetans and yet they either ignore what is happening to our kind or they simply think that we are getting what we "deserve". Almost from birth, we are beaten over the head with how evil and oppressive we have been and how we should strive for diversity and equality and that multiculturalism is progressive and more harmonious. These are obvious lies, and it is becoming more and more clear to the general public. Strange how only whites/Europeans are suffering from this genocide denial; just a quick look through internet forums and comment areas will show precisely what other races think of the idea of white extinction. They are all for it, cheering for our eventual demise. Somehow, while we are not allowed to have the slightest concern for our own fate, without being called "evil racist Nazi scum", Jews and blacks and Muslims can openly rejoice at the thought of our passing and no one bats an eyelash. Ask yourself why this "melting pot" agenda is only for white/European countries and not for Japan or India or Iran or Somalia. If the indigenous populations of any of those countries were being forced to become a minority in their own lands, people would be outraged and screaming "genocide". Yet the eradication of our race is either ignored or treated as a positive thing. No one is going to save us. We must wake up and fight for our own survival. But so many choose to remain asleep.

It is our curse to have been born into this age of decay. We have no true homelands, and we will have to sit by and watch as the last vestiges of what once was crumbles before our very eyes. We will still exist, for a time, lonely wanderers, remnants of a once-great race that shall now soon perish...

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