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On the Invasion of Europe
by Noctir (Sept. 2015)

That which the old Ottoman Empire failed to fully accomplish, over the course of several centuries, is currently being carried out in a successful manner by much less-sophisticated savages. Forget the Battle of Tours (October 732) or the Battle of Vienna (September 1683), great victories that were in defense of Europe against the invading Muslim hordes. In this age of white guilt and Jewish propaganda from the mainstream media, the gates of Europe have been thrown wide open and hundreds of thousands of outlanders are flooding the continent. These feral beasts are leaving a path of destruction across the land that our forebears fought and bled and died for and, if something does not change, the demise of the West is imminent.

Some will say that "we" created the current problem, yet that is both erroneous and an over-simplification. The media is painting this picture of poor refugees fleeing from war-torn Libya and Syria, in fear for their lives. They say that it is the responsibility of Western nations to do the humanitarian thing and to rescue these people. If not, it is tantamount to genocide (when, in actuality, the real genocide is the one being perpetrated against our own people). Nearly everything about this story is being grossly misrepresented. Most of the “refugees” are men in their 20s. The press takes a few money-shots of the minority of women and kids to sew a human-interest story full of disingenuous pathos. They continuously bombard us with images of dead children, tugging at the heartstrings of the brainwashed masses. Any doubts regarding these policies are labeled as xenophobic and selfish. After all, it was through our meddling in these regions that created the instability in the first place, so they say that it is only right that we now do our part in helping the "poor victims".

First, the majority of the invaders are not from Libya or Syria, nor are they poverty-stricken. For example, it has been reported that 90% of those arriving to Serbia from Macedonia claim to be Syrian, but have no documentation to prove this. Large amounts of discarded IDs are being found, from as far away as Pakistan and Bangladesh, as these invaders rightly believe that it is easier to gain access to Europe as a refugee of war, rather than as as economic migrant. A great number of them are traveling thousands of miles across Africa, from such countries as Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mali. These sub-Saharan Africans are nowhere near the warzones, but they are taking advantage of the big giant welcome mat that has been laid at the door to Europe. They are paying smugglers to get them across the Mediterranean and into international waters, with a clever scheme set up to be "rescued" and brought ashore by the coast guard. They are coming to abuse the already-struggling social welfare programs of white countries.

In fact, their sense of entitlement is really something to behold. As someone who is disabled and homeless, it took me a few years to even consider asking for help from my own government, and yet these parasites are kicking the doors in and holding their hands out and then going so far as to complain and demand more. These supposed "refugees" are not content to reach countries where there is no war. They have stopped fleeing a warzone as soon as they have reached Turkey... or Greece... or Serbia... Most of them are traveling through numerous safe countries to get to Germany, Sweden, Britain, etc. It’s clear that they are economic opportunists, and not all peaceful either. A cook in Italy was stabbed by a bunch of them for not cooking the food they wanted. In Hungary, policemen were stabbed as well by “refugees” and a family driving through Calais back to Britain had a metal rod launched at their car. Then of course, a bunch of them were rioting in the refugee centers regarding their primitive religion in Debrecen, Hungary and again in Germany. Again, true refugees would be happy to escape danger and to arrive in a safe environment. Instead, they are violently demanding to be allowed to travel north to those places that are more likely to shower them with cash and other benefits. They know all about the free handouts in Northern Europe and they are invading in an effort to abuse the system! In Norway, once being granted asylum, they will get residence permits that are good for at least three years and accommodations will be paid by the state for up to five years(!). In Sweden, they are given free housing ahead of actual citizens in need and those that participate in the integration plan (which is a joke in itself) will receive 720 euros a month, even more if they have children. While European citizens suffer homelessness and hunger, well-fed invaders are being welcomed in and given places to live, money, healthcare and even food (that in many cases has been found discarded, as the invaders preferred a different type of free meal).

To speak of 'integration' is quite a misleading topic, as none of these people have any interest, desire or intentions of integrating into Western societies. They bring their culture with them and want nothing to do with ours. In fact, many openly predict a day when they become the majority and inflict their laws upon Europeans in Europe! The media goes on about diversity and tolerance, and yet the parasites are actually very intolerant to the culture of their new hosts. Already, in an echo of Unni Wikan's message to Norwegian women that they must take responsibility for being raped, simply for "provoking" the poor savages by not being covered head to toe, a school in Germany has reportedly instructed female students to dress more conservatively in order to prevent "misunderstandings" with nearby asylum seekers. In other words, they know that these beasts are likely to rape or kill their girls, but they are putting the responsibility on the potential victims as opposed to putting forth the effort to protect them. As Peter Hitchens wrote, "Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us". Rather than come to European/white countries, it would be better for the 'refugees' to seek shelter in nearby, wealthy Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, etc. However, instead of taking in their own people, the Muslim leaders prefer to fund new mosques within Europe, to help strengthen the invaders. Furthermore, ISIS has clearly stated that they would exploit this crisis to infiltrate Europe, and still hundreds of thousands of people are pouring in, unchecked, and no one is doing anything about it. There is no logic to the official narrative being pushed by the mainstream media and liberal politicians.

Middle-Earth is under attack and these foul Orcs are using every advantage at their disposal, exploiting the weakness and corruption of our rulers. These useless creatures are here to suck Europe dry and abuse the naive and foolish altruism of your typical braindead European. The governments of Europe as well as the idiots running Brussels have failed in their duty to prevent this invasion from taking place and they have only aided in its exacerbation. These people bring crime, disease, and ignorance with them and their continuously growing numbers risks to further destabilize Europe. No one seems to care, except to criticize those such as Kristiina Ojuland, in Estonia, who was quickly deemed a racist for pointing out how the white race and Europe were in danger. There is a lot of talk about racial equality but apparently white and native-European interests don’t matter to the elites. That was clear from the Rottherham scandal when authorities in Britain were more concerned with covering up the rape and abuse of 1,400 (mostly white) girls (and a few boys) for around 16 years by mostly Pakistani men. If you’re white/European and you care about your own kind, you’re instantly a racist and a bigot. Whites are not even allowed to organize for their collective interests and express concerns over their own preservation (but remember, all races are equal apparently).

This victory is, in a large part, due to the traitors that control most of the governments of Europe and in Brussels. The traitor Merkel wants to import 800,000 useless people into Germany this year alone, a country that has one of the lowest birthrates on the planet. This amounts to population replacement, racial replacement, ethnic cleansing, and genocide of the German people. Now she is also attacking her own kind for opposing their own destruction. Of course, your average West German has had guilt-propaganda spewed at them for many decades so that they hate themselves. In which case, it’s no wonder that the only opposition you see is from the prouder Germans of the East. Sad to say, the theme of Germany's weakness and brainwashing is once again central to the erosion of Europe. The Nazi ghost still hangs over many whites, as the Third Reich has been vilified and demonized in every possible manner in the seventy years since WWII. Anything even remotely associated with putting your nation and your people first is considered evil and hateful. Yet, countries like Germany and Sweden are so anti-racist that they have become racist toward their own kind. In other places, such as the UK, they are guilt-tripped by their imperial past. This self-loathing mentality is the product of several decades of brainwashing and indoctrination. Some, such as Dr. Tom Vickers of Northumbria University and Cecilia Wikström of Sweden's Liberal Party, are pushing for legal means for people to invade Europe and to have equal rights as citizens and thus giving them rights to alter the political landscape of Europe as we know it in their favour. They are calling for the death of Europe. As many have been slowly waking up to the failure of multiculturalism, it is no surprise that Left-Wing political parties are fully supporting the influx of invaders. Once naturalized, they and their offspring will likely support more big government, being completely dependent upon it for their survival. These immigrants are future socialist voters. (If you can’t win an election or are having a hard time getting the required majority that you need in parliament, just import a new electorate.) This invasion which European governments have failed to quell is only hastening the decline and permanent transformation of Europe as we know it. The big corporations are firmly on board, as they will also benefit from this in the form of a fresh supply of cheap labour that will also help drive down everyone else's wages. Birthrates throughout the continent are extremely low; meanwhile, those of immigrant and minority groups are significantly higher. In fact, what many politicians have been claiming is that migrant workers are needed to maintain their economies, in the face of dwindling birthrates. The truth is the opposite, that this invasion will further wreck European economies and lead to the replacement of the current population. The leaders of Europe are committing cultural and demographic suicide. This has nothing to do with helping refugees and has everything to do with perpetuating the ongoing genocide against the white/European race.

This is an invasion and the militaries of Europe have a duty to their citizens to defend their homelands! Gunships should patrol the coastal waters and open fire on any unauthorized vessels that refuse to turn back. Armies should march on these hordes of violent savages, who have already been destroying property and committing crimes such as assault and rape. The politicians do not care about the common people that are suffering from their decisions. The citizens are not being consulted about whether or not they want to share their homes with yet more violent outlanders. Already, prior to the current crisis, Sweden gained the grim honour of becoming known as the Rape Capital of the West. How many more girls must be raped and killed? How many more shall have to suffer the loss of their freedom and safety? If this is allowed to continue, not only will our people suffer from more acts of violence and a loss of their culture and identity, the economic strain will only hasten the impending collapse and drag us down into the primitive savagery of Africa, if we have not been killed off by then. Leaders such as Merkel are but mere puppets, their strings being pulled by the corporations and banks that own them, who have no loyalty to their blood or soil, they merely seek wealth and power. And, of course, at the head of it all rests a "Chosen People" that run everything from the shadows and have been openly calling for the death of all ethnic Europeans.

Wake up. Traitors have opened the gates of Middle-Earth to the savage Orcs. They are invading our homelands. The Nazgul that rule our nations serve only one Master, and this “Chosen” need not be named directly. They work for the destruction of our kind. Revolt. Defend yourselves. Open your eyes to what is happening right now. Throw off the shackles of political correctness and grow a backbone. Reject the guilt-propaganda that says we must hand over everything to these people or to be labeled as racist neo-Nazis. Their primary weapons are mere words and once you stop caring about what they call you and insist on recognizing the truth and adhering to a sense of justice, it will spread. Eventually, their mind-control will fade. The truth is that multiculturalism and diversity are euphemisms for less white people and population replacement. Refuse to accept the lies being forced upon you, educate yourself and fight to preserve what is left of your heritage. As Adolf Hitler once said, "If, by the instrument of governmental power, a race is being led toward its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right of every member of such a people—it is his duty". The traitors must be removed from power and the people must take things into their own hands and to repel this invasion.

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