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On Religion
by Noctir (Apr. 2016)

Heavy metal has long been called the devil's music. It has a long history of being rebellious and counter-culture, for the most part. As a result, one might expect most of its followers to reject organized religion. Despite the common stereotypical metalheads that live only for getting wasted and consuming as much alcohol as they can, the realm of metal is also filled with a fair amount of intelligent people. On that basis, it would seem only natural that atheism would be prevalent, as none but the simple-minded could possibly accept the ridiculous doctrines of Judeo-Christian belief, for example. Nonetheless, as strange as it is, there are more religious believers among us than we may like to believe.

This comes from both sides, unfortunately. There are those that have never been awakened from this Jewish lie, and truly believe in everything that they have read in the bible. Or, more accurately, they believe what they have heard from others about what is written in the bible, as most so-called Christians are too lazy to read for themselves or to practice what they preach, so to say. On the other hand, there are the Satanists that also believe in the Great Lie, even though they reject the word of the Jewish god and the teachings of Christ. They have taken an oppositional stance, yet they take for granted that this is all real, just the same. Both groups have been tricked into accepting the existence of something that is purely fictional and has no basis in reality.

Like many others, I went through various stages on my journey toward enlightenment. My family was not particularly religious, but some members were of the church-going type and had brainwashed some of the others with the same lie that had been passed down to them. As a small child, I was told about their god and simply took it for granted as I had also done when I first learned of Santa Claus, for example. I was taken to church only a handful of times, throughout childhood, and most of these occasions were for funerals. Thankfully, there was no real effort to force this upon me. My first questions regarding religion came at a relatively early age, probably a couple years after I figured out the scam behind Santa. I was given an illustrated children's bible and I read through it like any other book. However, it raised so many questions. The creation story, itself, was filled with so many holes that even a six-year-old could see through it. My skepticism grew as I took an interest in mythology and saw that this Judeo-Christian garbage was but one of many stories, and far less interesting than the Greek/Roman and Germanic/Norse stories. With each question that I asked, I was given lame, meaningless answers, such as “because the bible says so”. Despite the suspicions that were raised, it was no great concern of mine, so I tossed the book aside and carried on as usual. Not long after, I had to spend some time at a Catholic after-school daycare, and already found the atrocious christian songs that the other kids would sing to be ridiculous and refused to participate.

It was only during adolescence that I began looking deeper into the matter. Having experienced many misfortunes in life, already, and seeing a world around me that was utterly disappointing, I again questioned the god that they tried to pass on to me. The whole “because the bible says so” argument did not satisfy my inquiries. I only asked more questions, such as, “but who wrote the bible?”. It was written by the hands of men. I had already learned not to trust humans, and I wondered who these men were and what motivations they had for writing what they did. It is no wonder why critical thinking is not encouraged by the members of this feeble cult. There were so many contradictions in this book that it seemed pieced together from a large mountain of gibberish. Instinctively, I rejected this book and the lies that it contained. There was then a brief time where I, like a lot of people, gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed that there had been some guy named Jesus, though at the time my belief became that he must have been just some random mortal man that had claimed to be the "messiah", as many others had, and was not of divine origin. As for their Hebrew god of war, himself, I quickly came to hate him. All of my personal suffering and the horrible world in which I lived in, I concluded, must have come from this being. Therefore, he became my enemy for a while.

It was most likely during this period that such albums as Slayer's Hell Awaits, Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness, and Deicide's self-titled debut possessed a special meaning for me. I was never one to consider myself a Satanist, despite what those in school called me. I saw Satan as a symbolic opposition to the great lie of Judeo-Christian mythology. As such, even now I continue to identify more with lyrics such as these:

"Attacking angels as they pray to god
Tormented preachers, hail the twisted cross
Haunting the chapel, hell's demons prevail
Death has come, the house of god has failed"

and these:

"Ghouls attack the church
Crush the holy priest
Turning the cross towards hell
Writhe in Satan's flames"

as well as these:

"When Jehova's hordes are slaughtered
When disciples twelve are dead
When beliefs of eastern lands
are raped and raped again"

Of course, some will look at these old school lyrics and call them immature or simplistic, but I do not see any value in this newer sort of lyrical approach. For example:

"Art thou working on collective deliverance?
Observe Merkabah, the chariot of the glory of GOD,
adrift and exiled, the Pilgrim of Light, grandiose and weeping.
Thine aura, compared, is but pale and frail, alike to the one of an ailing child..."

These sort of lyrics do nothing for me, and this trend of black metallers spending so much time studying scripture really puzzles me. I hate this disgusting cult very passionately, far too much to waste my time immersing myself in their idiotic mythology and basing my beliefs and spirituality on this nonsense. As a historian, I know too well where the lame and pathetic stories came from, such as the invention of the Christ lie itself. It is immensely stupid for anyone to believe that this filth is real and to put any credibility into it, just so they can join the 'other team' in the story. Satanic imagery and concepts are great in as far as they are against Judeo-Christian nonsense, but that is as far as it goes.

I arrived at these conclusions a very long time ago. The Jewish god was but one of many, surviving to the present day by chance and through a great deal of manipulation by the world elite, over the centuries. It was rather simple to understand how this cult designed for the masses was easily accepted by those with no hope in this world anyway. The fact that political leaders, from Constantine to Charlemagne all the way to George W. Bush have used this false religion as a way to unify people and to make them more easy to manage is no surprise. I was familiar with many different ancient mythologies and the whole basis of religion being a way for people to try explaining that which they did not understand, while also giving meaning to their lives and hope for a better afterlife. The need for this sort of weak-minded optimism was not difficult to grasp.

The thing that I still find a bit disturbing is how so many non-believers still, passively, lend credence to this poisonous tale. While they reject the church itself, they'll still speak of the despicable Christ-god as if he existed in some form or another. Even discussions about the ethnicity of this character--how he was transformed from a dark-skinned Semite into a fair-haired, blue eyed European--miss the point, completely. This attitude still assumes that there is any legitimacy to this foolishness. It ignores the fact that he is just another element of their fiction, used to perpetuate the Great Lie, nothing more than a mythical being as well. He was not merely a Jewish con-artist; he never existed at all.

There is absolutely no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ. Those secular writers who were in the right area, at the time he supposedly lived, had not one single word to say about him. This fictional character was created by men, borrowing story elements from other preexisting tales and attributing quotes to him as it suited their needs. The fact is that Jesus is an amalgamation of many other mythological figures, such as Mithra, Dionysus, Osiris etc., and the story evolved as the centuries went on. It is quite telling that 1st century Christian writings do not make any mention of a human Jesus at all. The great Christ Lie is one of the biggest scams perpetrated in the history of mankind. It is commonly accepted that the Roman Catholic Church is, and has long been, corrupt. Like any other members of the world elite, they do whatever necessary to maintain their power, wealth and influence. Yet people cannot see the forest for the trees, in this instance; it is not that the Church has gone against the supposed 'teachings of Christ', but rather they are the ones that fabricated this character in the first place. This fiction has been self-serving from the very beginning and has changed throughout the centuries, as needed. The characters, the mythology, the philosophy... everything about this pathetic cult has either been stolen or made-up, entirely.

This Middle-Eastern garbage has never, and will never, have anything to do with those of us with European blood. Judeo-Christian fiction has no place in our civilization, including the Satanic aspect that is derived from it. Dedicating your existence to studying and believing in Jewish occultism of any sort is a waste of time and energy. Ideally, this would become clear to all and such childish beliefs would be put aside forever. But, at the very least, those within the black metal community should wise up, stop writing inverted bible verses for lyrics and no longer treat this as some sort of factual thing. There is no Yahweh, there is no Jesus, there is no Satan. There never was and there never will be. There is nothing.

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