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The Silent Conquest
by Noctir (Mar. 2010)

Europe is being invaded and conquered, without a single bullet being fired in its defense.

Each year, more and more immigrants 'invade' Europe, bringing with them only problems for Europeans.

Europe is not a large continent, by any means. To begin with, there simply is not room enough for such an influx of immigrants. Unfortunately, the majority of them only make matters worse. Europe is welcoming the dregs of society, rather than the cream of the crop. They seek a higher quality of life than that of their home countries, yet all they manage to do is to lower the quality of life for all Europeans. Crime rates rise, political dissension increases and the uneducated and unskilled immigrants become a burden on the social welfare systems that are in place throughout Europe.

And yet no one does anything about it.

In the wake of WWII, no government leader wants to be placed alongside Hitler and Nazi Germany. There is an atmosphere of guilt, largely due to the liberal media; the same media that uses propaganda to push the idea of a multicultural world and the doctrine of race-mixing that will, silently, lead to the genocide of European/white man.

One of the goals of Adolf Hitler's regime was to create a strong homeland for his people and to eliminate the alien influence of the Jews, among others. He was certainly a visionary as he wrote, in Mein Kampf, "What we must fight for is to safeguard the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it... Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility." Unfortunately, his war was a failure and every idea associated with National Socialism was deemed wicked and evil. From eugenics to the preservation of one's own race and homeland. It all became taboo and led to the creation of a hideous ideology known as political correctness. This is the silent killer.

No one wants to seem racist or hateful, for what others would think of them. Somehow, the idea of being proud of your own race was tied in with hating other races; however, this is only true for Europeans/whites. Others are free to say and do whatever they wish. Furthermore, Europeans are not allowed to defend themselves. It is the same for all of those of European descent, the world over.

If a white man assaults another white man, in self-defense, it is a fairly simple matter. But, if the attacker is a black or Jewish man, then the white man that defended himself would be investigated as a potential criminal, as it is considered a 'hate crime' for someone of European descent to assault someone of another race, for whatever reason. While it is true that Europeans dominated the world for some centuries, often utilizing force and cruelty, this does not justify the current policies that are driving our race to extinction.

Not only are Europeans apathetic with regard to their own dismal fate, but they act as martyrs. They are taught that their ancestors were evil for dominating the world for so long, so now they are timid and weak. They don't want to seem wicked, so they turn into doormats. European states actually tolerate and cater to Muslims, who complain that the freedom of speech enjoyed in the West is against their beliefs; yet they chose to enter lands where they were not wanted. Whether you are a Muslim immigrant in Europe or a New Yorker relocating to China, when you go to a new place it is your responsibility to adapt to the new surroundings, not everyone else's obligation to accommodate you!

The sons of Odin/Wotan are weak and corrupt. Many adhere to the fictional Judeo-Christian mythology, which begins the process of poisoning the mind and indoctrination, thus influencing them at their very core. This is compounded by the propaganda spewed by the media, which is eventually accepted as fact. In truth, most Europeans/whites don't realize that they are on the losing end of a genocidal war that will claim their race and, in time, erase their achievements (some of the greatest achievements of the human race) from history.

The nations of Europe allow the immigrants to pour in and to ruin everything that they touch. Once inside, they begin influencing political opinion, the crime rates rise, and they also out-produce the European population. In time, this will lead to the people of Europe dying out and the continent will, silently, be inherited by the outsiders that were rotting the various nations from the inside.

This grim fate is well known, yet no one will lift a finger to even try to prevent it. How is it that it has become "wrong" to defend your borders against unwanted intruders? What happened to the Europe of old, banishing unwelcome groups from their realms? If the Jews, Muslims and Africans want to call us racists, let them do so from their own lands.

One can look to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings for a simple analogy. The forces of the west are scattered and unfocused. Our leaders have betrayed us; i.e. Saruman siding with Mordor and gathering swarthy armies to destroy Middle-Earth. The time for dissension is over. Unless the leaders of Europe come together to protect their homeland, we will be eradicated from the face of the earth. Not only that, but the accomplishments of our civilization will be forgotten. The Orcs would no more preserve the beauty of Rivendell than the Muslims will maintain the art, literature, architecture or philosophy of Europe. The invaders have only one thing in mind and that is to eliminate us and our culture, completely. They haven't the military might to do it by force; nonetheless, thanks to decades of pacifism, all they have to do is sit and wait.

The Islamization of Europe is not occurring overnight, but it is happening. The European nations are dying and the populations in them are turning into hostile Muslim populations. The worst thing about this all is that it is being allowed to happen. If we (Europeans and those of European descent) had a more positive relationship to our blood, our race, our culture, our homeland and to our ancient beliefs, we would not be destroying this with modern 'civilization' (id est pacifism, apathy, capitalism, materialism, pollution, multiculturalism/race mixing, Judeo-Christianity, urbanization, globalization, Americanization, et cetera). As Varg Vikernes once stated, "The 'nazi ghost' has scared millions of Europeans from caring about their blood and homeland for sixty years now, and it is about time we banish this ghost and again start to think and care about the things that (whether we like it or not) are important to us." At the current rate, we will be completely forgotten in a matter of a few generations. Our achievements will be attributed to the Muslims, Africans and Asians that seem poised to inherit Europe and we will forever be written out of history. The legacy of our people will be stolen or simply forgotten.

In the words of Odin:
"Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But I know one thing that never dies,
The glory of the great dead"

But, at the rate things are going, who will be left to remember such glorious deeds?

Whether we want it or not, this war is upon us. Now, we can either take action or die quietly, having the satisfaction of not offending the "poor" invaders that have come to destroy us, our culture and our land. And that is exactly what they intend to do. Many of their forefathers were not able to create a civilization on the same level as that of Europe. Rather than create their own and earn it, they wish to steal what is ours; that which was forged by the blood and tears of our ancestors. The deeds and great works of our people will soon belong to the Dark Menace.

This alien presence should be repelled and banished from Europe. After WWII, the Soviets shifted massive populations of people from one country to another, especially in the case of Germans living in Eastern European countries. A similar process should take place, in the near future. Then, some sort of barrier could be erected to prevent them from returning. Harsh policies should be instituted, banning immigration of all but the very best, and even then in limited numbers. A top scientist from India or China should be welcome, but as a visitor only. Low-level, uneducated criminals from Africa or Islamic extremists have absolutely no place in Europe, period.

And that brings up another significant point. The immigrants are, largely, made up of garbage that was rejected by their own kind. Our homelands become infested with even more simple-minded idiots that spend their days reproducing, committing crimes and leeching off of the government, abusing the social welfare system. Then, of course, the aid is no longer available when hardworking, law-abiding citizens need it. The situation may be a bit different, were it not the lowest scum from each country being cast off and welcomed in by the pacifist governments of Europe and North America.

And it's not a matter of claiming one race to be superior to another. What it boils down to is that the majority (but not the entirety) of all immigrants represent the most inferior members of their particular race. Of course, each race is contaminated with low level gene trash that should have been aborted, and the European/white race is no exception. All races would benefit, greatly, from cleansing their ranks and allowing only high quality individuals to survive and procreate.

Once we eliminate the alien presence and secure our borders, then we can begin the process of cleansing our own kind, for the influence of the Jews, Muslims, Africans, et cetera has long corrupted the minds of weaker individuals. While extermination may be deemed too cruel or barbaric by some, we can at least sterilize them so that when they die, their inferior genes are not passed on. Only through maintaining and preserving only the strongest, most intelligent and most beautiful of our own race can we ensure that future generations will ascend to a higher level of being. And those descendants will need a safe homeland in which to thrive.

That is the most important thing. It has nothing to do with superiority/inferiority, or dominating the world by enslaving or killing off entire populations. It's about each race having the right to a homeland for their people, where they can be among their own kind and not have their culture undermined and corrupted by unwanted outsiders.

Let the Muslims fight over different pieces of their precious desert. Let the Africans have their jungles. Let them all have the United States, for it is nothing but a great toilet, anyway. Europe is our home, and we should defend it with our very lives.

How ironic that the race that once dominated the world will soon fade into oblivion without so much as a feeble whimper.

Copyright 2006-2019, Noctir