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Deathcult (1996)

Funebre Inferi hailed from Greece and recorded only one demo. It was in early 1996 that the long-forgotten Deathcult tape was released. There is little information regarding this obscure black metal project, which is a shame, as a lot of promise was shown on this all-too-brief demo.

Consisting of only an intro and two songs, Deathcult features raw and scathing black metal that is quite unlike the earlier Hellenic bands. Rather than following in the footsteps of the likes of Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia and so on, Funebre Inferi take more of an influence from the Scandinavian scene. One could even draw comparisons to the various LLN bands, such as Mütiilation and Black Murder. The production possesses a very necro quality, while still being clear enough to make out what is going on. The vocals are tormented howls that retain some animalistic and primal viciousness, really standing out.

The songwriting is rather well-developed, even throughout the course of the five-minute track "Haunted Scull of the Profanated Grave", more intense and high-tempo tremolo riffs are contrasted with slower parts and even hints of keyboards (not overdone) that all come together to create somewhat of an epic feeling. While the second track, "Lost Sorcerers in the Pyre", features more simplistic riffs and a slower pace, the gloomy feeling remains, largely aided by the throat-tearing vocals. A bit of clean voice comes in, later in the song, in a rather neutral manner. That is to say it neither adds to, nor detracts from, the overall atmosphere.

Sadly, Funebre Inferi disappeared into the murky realm of Hades sometime back in 1996. While there is nothing extremely groundbreaking here, Deathcult is a very solid demo that will easily appeal to anyone with an appreciation for raw black metal in the vein of Mütiilation, Burzum or Moonblood.
(1 Sept. 2015)

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