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Teitanblood / Proclamation split (2005)

Teitanblood and Proclamation are two Spanish bands that were formed not quite a decade ago, for the purpose of creating hideously evil black/death metal in the vein of early Beherit, Blasphemy, Sarcofago and Archgoat. This 7" E.P. from 2005 showcases what both bands were capable of, at the time, and presents an extremely ugly form of music that was again growing in popularity.

Side A features two songs from Proclamation, starting with "Sabbat of Vengeance", which wastes little time in creating an atmosphere of pure, hellish chaos. The vocals are bestial and the music is furiously primitive. The lead solo hearkens back to early Slayer, adding to the evil feeling. The production is very rough, making it difficult to hear all that is going on, though the actual style of playing is partially responsible as well. The drumming is intense and chaotic, while the riffs do not do a whole lot to stand out from the maelstrom of violence. "Golgotha Impalation" is a bit more mid-paced and easier to follow, for the first couple minutes. There are several times when overdubbed vocals are added in to increase the demonic vibe, though it is not really needed.

Side B includes a couple tracks from Teitanblood, and the approach is not all that different. The vocals are a little deeper, yet possessing an eerie whispered quality. It is almost as if the vocalist is gargling broken glass. There is a bit more focus on the guitar riffs, as the drums are far less overactive than on the other band's material. Again, there are lead solos that are reminiscent o an earlier age. The first song, "Necrosemen", is brief and fast-paced while "Black Pasch (Carnivore Eucharist)" is about twice as long and includes slower parts as well. The relative simplicity of this approach allows for a darker atmosphere than on the Proclamation songs, as the music is less overwhelming and thus allows the listener to soak it all in a little better. The doom riffs really add another layer of murkiness to the sound. There is something much more evil and threatening about this.

The Teitanblood material was the first that I heard, shortly after this was released, and that band seemed to have a better grasp of creating a dark and evil atmosphere. Proclamation may not have been going for the same thing, as their approach was more violent and barbaric. In the end, this is a decent slab of underground black/death metal and should appeal to fans of Beherit and Blasphemy, in particular.
(26 Nov. 2011)

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