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Past Playlists:

"The Abyss" was born in the autumn of 2001, as a means for me to give exposure to music that does not receive any elsewhere on commercial radio. I specialized in black, death, doom and various forms of '80s metal, and continued this tradition throughout the years in a humble effort to spread this dark music to those who might appreciate it. I began doing the show on different college radio stations, some of which had online streaming, then moved on to internet radio and finally ended by making a downloadable version in recent years, tired of being forced to deal with others.  

"The Abyss" is now available for download. 

Later shows deleted to save space.

As of Oct. 2017, "The Abyss" has been officially laid to rest, once and for all. After several years, I realize that the concept is now outdated and obsolete. There exist so many methods by which people can discover new music and the average attention span of most humans has become so short that there is no longer any point in investing the time and energy to continue. As well, I am neither skilled nor interested in promotion, something necessary for growing an audience. The show has gone from hundreds of listeners a week to a dozen, and I basically play the same bands and songs over and over, year after year. In the end, I simply find no enjoyment in keeping this up. Thanks to those who supported this endeavor and all those who have called or written over the years to show their gratitude.  

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