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10 Jan 2015
Grave - Into the Grave
Nihilist - When Life Has Ceased
Dismember - Deranged from Blood
Decapitation - The Beyond
Demigod - Anxiety
Crypt of Kerberos - Cyclone of Insanity
Obscure Infinity - Reign of Darkness
Crematory - Beneath the Crypts
Toxaemia - Beyond the Realm
Altar - Severed on the Attic
Sentenced - When Death Joins Us
Cemetary - Beyond the Grave
Sorcery - Count of Hades
Interment - Where Death Will Increase
Traumatic - The Process of Raping a Rancid Cadaver
Belsebub - To Ashes
Edge of Sanity - Maze of Existence
Necrophobic - Unholy Prophecies
14 Feb 2015
Mayhem - Buried By Time and Dust
Bathory - Of Doom
Beherit - At the Devil's Churns
Profanatica - Heavenly Father
Bestial Summoning - Countess of Evil
Strid - Det Hviskes Blant Sorte Vinder
Vlad Tepes - Misery Fear and Storm Hunger
Graveland - The Night of Fullmoon
Mütiilation - Travels to Sadness, Hate and depression
Moonblood - Bells of Apocalypse
Black Murder - Tower of Tortured Ones
Burzum - Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament
Torgeist - Sweet Death
Abyssic Hate - Bloodletting
Belketre - Night of Sadness
Black Funeral - The Land of Phantoms
I Shalt Become - Fragments
Vérmyapre Kommando - Blitzcarnage
Darkthrone - As Flittermice as Satans Spys
3 July 2015
Bathory - Massacre
Tormentor - Tormentor I
Morbid Angel - Visions from the Darkside
Beherit - The Oath of Black Blood
Profanatica - Final Hour of Christ
Grotesque - Blood Runs from the Altar
Merciless - The Awakening
Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Sabbat - King of Hell
Master's Hammer - Utok
Tiamat - The Malicious Paradise
Rotting Christ - The Mystical Meeting
Samael - The Black Face
Marduk - Still Fucking Dead
Alastis - Black Wedding
Bestial Summoning - Exorcism Fails
Emperor - Witches Sabbath
Malfeitor - 666 Hear My Call
Throne of Ahaz - At the Mountains of Northern Storms
Von - Christ Fire
Darkthrone - Where Cold Winds Blow
Burzum - Black Spell of Destruction
19 Sept 2015
Darkthrone - Natassja in Eternal Sleep
Baxaxaxa - Nocturnal Mass and Christ's Damnation
Decayed - Unholy Deity (Set)
Behemoth - Thy Winter Kingdom
Dethroned Christ - Praises
Veles - Black Flames Spread Warfare
Blut aus Nord - The Plain of Ida
Legion of Doom - The Desecration
Demoncy - Hidden Path to the Forest Beyond
Dying Fullmoon - Bosheit Inmitten Der Stahlfelsen-Festung
Moloch - När Valkyrierna Rida
Funebre Inferi - Haunted Scull of the Profanated Grave
North - Purity of the Tyrants
Sargoth - Barn av Natt
Skuggmörker - Härskare av den svarta natten
Dethroned - In the Sign of the Pentagram
Diaboli - Into the Northern Darkness
Mayhemic Truth - Morrigan
Trelldom - Sannhet, Smerte og Død
Moonblood - I Am All
14 Oct 2015
Pest - The Black Forest
Abigail - The Lord of Satan
Mock - Northern Sins
Impurity - The Firmament of Fire
Carpathian Forest - The Eclipse / The Raven
Nebelburg - Durch den endlosen schwarzen Himmel
Black Funeral - Into the Stars of a Blazing PAst
Demoniac - Unholy Master
Nordlys - Reisen til den Hoyes Hall
Darkthrone - Gather for Attack on the Pearly Gates
Infernum - Cathari Sects
Nåstrond - The Stake Rotten in My Heart
Setherial - A Hail to the Faceless Angels
Ravenclaw - Black Clouds over the Shadowforest
Behexen - Blessed be the Darkness
Moonfrost - Polar Night Darkness
Abyssic Hate - The Blood War
Horna - Imperial Devastation
30 Oct 2015
Moonblood - Under the Goatmoon
Forest - By the Flame in Our Veins
I Shalt Become - In the Falling Snow
Shining - Stonelands
Katharsis - Lunar Castles (Harvest)
Graven - Of Misanthropic Spirit
Warloghe - Fires Burn Black
Sargeist - Returning to Misery and Comfort
Mütiilation - If Those Walls Could Speak
Satanic Warmaster - ...Of the Night
Detonator 666 - Necroterrorist
Mortifera - Le Revenant
Horna - Musta Temppeli
Grimfaug - Distant Cries from the Black Void
Clandestine Blaze - Grave of Gratification
14 Nov 2015
Beherit - Salomon's Gate
Graveland - Hordes of Empire
Black Murder - Deadsex
Moonblood - In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon
Black Funeral - Spectral Agony of Pain and Loneliness
Vlad Tepes - Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple
Branikald - Cleaving to Blood, Crushing to Dust
Mütiilation - Possessed and Immortal
Dying Fullmoon - Das Kristallklare Angesicht Der Nacht...
Horna - Hel
Abyssic Hate - Land of Impenetrable Darkness
Belketre - Hate
Darkthrone - Slottet I Det Fjerne
Strid - End of Life
Burzum - Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn
30 Nov 2015
Clandestine Blaze - Evocation Under Starlit Sky
Horna - Tuliseppele
Nocturnal Abyss - Into the Nameless Void
Orlok - Black Hearts Symphony
Vampyric Blood - Gloom of the Eternal Night
Throne of Katarsis - Helvete Kaller
Atra - Moonless Night
Behexen - Where the Devil Spoke
Sacrificia Mortuorum - III
Gestapo 666 - Shadow Hate Division
Kaosritual - Forbannelse
Mgła - Mdłości II
Satanic Warmaster - Chronicles of Thy Astral Blood
Mütiilation - Bitterness Bloodred
Selvhat - Selvhat
Sargeist - Echoes from a Morbid Night
13 Dec 2015
Dissection - Black Horizons
Mayhem - From the Dark Past
Carpathian Forest - The Woods of Wallachia
Emperor - Night of the Graveless Souls
Fimbulwinter - Servants of Sorcery
Enslaved - Hal Valr
Taranis - The Dark Warriors
Immortal - Unholy Forces of Evil
Marduk - Dark Endless
Samael - ...Until the Chaos
Beherit - Nocturnal Evil
Burzum - Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen
Gorgoroth - Sexual Bloodgargling
Mütiilation - Suffer the Gestalt
Darkthrone - Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust
Vlad Tepes - Frozen Dead's Kingdom
Moonblood - The Evil Rules
Horna - Surun Ikuistama Henki
Black Murder - Charnel

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