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Update from Noctir (Jan. 2019)

I've received a few messages from people, wondering whether or not I am dead, so I thought I would post something. A combination of factors have contributed to the extreme lack of new content for the longest time. Poor health, difficult circumstances and the death of the few that I've cared for have all played a part, I suppose. The depression has deepened, lack of concentration and focus has grown and motivation has dwindled. I also spend very little time listening to music, compared to before, and usually stick to favourites when I do feel like hearing something. I seem to value silence, when I can get it, more than anything else. That's not to say that I don't still value music, but it's hard to find the energy to invest in writing about why the latest Mayhem album is a piece of trash when the truth is that I just don't care. If I am struck with the inspiration to write at some point, I will, but I have no plans to force myself. For those who still see some value in my horrible writings (and I'm shocked at the number of you that have written to me over the years), I'll still keep the site up and maintain it, but don't expect a lot of new content. 

While going through and making various revisions to the site, I read bits and pieces of the reviews and felt the need to address a few things. I am, painfully, aware of how tedious a lot of the older 'track by track' reviews can be, especially the ones where I struggled to find something to say about the material. I have neither the time nor energy to re-write all of those, though I wish that I did. Also, a fair amount of the reviews never should have been written, as I think there is a difference between writing a negative review of an album from a band that had, at least at one point, made good music versus just covering a band that I dislike and criticizing multiple releases. Years ago, I liked to remain pretty active with the site and was often just looking for things to write about, good or bad. In fact, negative reviews were easier to write since it's far easier to pick something apart and tell all of the reasons why I don't like it, as opposed to attempting to find different ways to praise albums that I like (as they'll often have similar characteristics). I should also say that, particularly early on, I still felt some sense of loyalty to certain bands and made an effort to find positive things to say about releases that actually didn't do much for me. While I've heard some say that I have been overly critical of many albums, I feel that the opposite is true. I was actually too kind, in several cases. I'm not going to read through all 700 or so of the album reviews, but there were a few that caught my eye and I couldn't resist editing a line here or a paragraph there. 

Also worth mentioning is that physical copies of various CDs from my bands are still available, for any that may care.

At any rate, that is all for now. Thank you for your interest. 

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