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The Stars are Dead Now (2006)

When the topic of German black metal comes up, ColdWorld is a project that would often get recommended, as if to suggest that it was actually good. In fact, this is the exact sort of filth that has given so many a low opinion of bands from the Fatherland. Released in January 2006, The Stars are Dead Now proved yet again that Germany is rarely a place that is conducive to good black metal, for one reason or another.

This is just horrible. It is clearly something that this guy recorded in his bedroom. ColdWorld is nothing more than the German version of Xasthur. Everything sounds so sickeningly modern. The vocals are drowning in digital effects, thus leaving them bereft of any and all possible feeling. The guitars do not possess any raw, sharp edge at all. In fact, the guitar tone is very soft and warm. That is a positive thing in this case, as it seems that the riffs were only meant to be a background element. The synth is dominant over most other aspects, making one wonder why this guy didn't just create some lame horror themes instead of adding yet another stain to the name of black metal. As for the drum programming, it is very obvious from the sound and the various patterns that are unlike anything that an actual drummer would have done. This adds just one more layer of false modernity to the whole thing.

ColdWorld is a joke, period. The Stars are Dead Now is crystal clear proof of this. Even if you are seeking something on the more depressing side of black metal, this is laughably bad. Though Germany has given rise to the likes of Moonblood, Katharsis, Desaster and a few others, good quality bands such as those have always been the exception to the rule. Garbage like this is far more indicative of what one will find when listening to bands from this region, unfortunately. Avoid this and anything remotely like it.
(13 Aug. 2015)

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