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MystÚrion TÚs Anomias (1998)

Ofermod's first demo, MystÚrion TÚs Anomias, was released by Pounding Metal in May 1998. The black metal landscape, at the time, was quite different from what it would become later on. The trend of melodic / symphonic bands was in full force, with Gothic themes overflowing. The scene in Sweden was quite pathetic, for the most part. Dissection was on hold, indefinitely. Marduk and Dark Funeral were nothing more than caricatures of what they once were. The lesser-known bands, like Throne of Ahaz and Sorhin were not doing much. Overall, a band like Ofermod was certainly needed.

MystÚrion TÚs Anomias is dripping with violence and hate, from the intense guitar riffs to the forceful vocal delivery. The razor-sharp guitar melodies slice through you and the drums pound your remains into dust. This frenetic pace is enough to get your adrenalin pumping, just by listening. In some ways, this is like a call to war; to wage eternal battle against those of the light. Late in the title track, a haunting tremolo riff emerges from the chaos and infects your mind, as the throaty and morbid vocals evoke the legions of Hell. The lyrics seem somewhat similar to those of Watain and Katharsis, rather than the more straightforward approach used by the older bands. Nonetheless, the spirit is still the same and a furious hatred for the Judeo-Christian myth is present .

The production is very raw, though quite good for what it is. Everything is clear enough to be heard, yet maintaining an underground feeling. The vocals are a little high in the mix, but it works well for the style. The guitar tone is cold and vicious enough to saw through an entire congregation of brainwashed sheep. The drums are rather buried, but one can hear enough to keep up with where the song is going.

MystÚrion TÚs Anomias is a decent release. The only complaint would have to be that it is too short. This was re-released in 2005, with a couple extra tracks, but they were obviously from a different recording session and do not possess the same raw and aggressive sound. Either way, give this a listen if you get the chance.
(26 Nov. 2011)

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